Nubank launches new free service for customers; paying off

Nubank launches new free service for customers;  paying off

NS nubank It is one of the most famous and active digital banks in the country. Its growth is noticeable and only in the past few months, fintech has launched a series of novelties, regarding the areas of investment, credit cards with automatic cashback, life insurance, and others. The company has now announced a new fee-free service.

NS WhatsApp Pay It is a financial resource that allows transactions through an instant messaging platform. The messenger can send and receive money securely, with Facebook Payments linked to Cielo.

NS nubank it’s the The WhatsApp, with this two-month partnership. According to the companies, the system is used to make money transfers between application contacts, always securely and with a daily and monthly limit.

The financial institution explained: “You can send up to R$1,000 per transaction and receive up to 20 transactions per day, or a total of R$5,000 per month.”

Currently, Nubank already offers a free digital account, no maintenance fee, no annual credit card, and no management fee investment options. Currently, the digital bank has about 40 million customers in Brazil alone.

Boleto payments by credit card

It is now possible to pay vouchers with your . credit card nubank. The procedure has been released to all Fintech clients.

Two options are available, payment in cash or in installments in 12 installments with interest (the percentage is less than a revolving credit card – calculated if you pay in full bill installments).

Fintech says paying bank coupons on a Nubank credit card in cash will be interest-free, with the premium rate being up to 6%. However, the retroactive credit card is 2.75% and 14%.

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A receipt for credit card bill payment, electricity and cell phone bills, and loans may be paid.

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Is it worth paying the boleto with a Nubank credit card?

It depends. There is no single answer to the question whether it is worth paying vouchers by credit card or not nubank.

The cash payment option is the most advantageous, as it does not charge interest. And it can be a good option if you have money to take over in the next month. This is because, in theory, extend the maturity by one month to pay with your credit card.

But you need to be organized and do not forget that you will have to pay the ticket in the next month’s bill.

Paying consumer bills with your Nubank credit card, even cash, can be a problem if you don’t pay the bill after it’s due.

Credit card late payment interest is among the highest charged.

Another problem can occur if you accumulate a lot of bills and find yourself with no way out but to pay in installments on your credit card bill.

It is better to pay the bill in installments on your credit card rather than having to pay the bill up front.

The ideal scenario is that you write down everything you owe and always keep track of your credit card payments. Nobody likes to pay interest, but if there are no options, it is important to look for the best rates.

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It is “pressure” on the Internet:

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