How not to fall into the trap of Internet scams

How not to fall into the trap of Internet scams

Mother’s Day is coming and a lot of people start searching on the internet for a good deal on this special date. However, in the same way that attractive prices increase, the number of scams is also present. That is why we have separated some important tips for you so that you do not fall for online scams.

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Buy the gift from your mother, wife, friend or whoever it is with all the necessary security.

Best tips to avoid falling into online scams

Online scams are increasing in frequency, especially those who use online shopping sites. With the advent of Mother’s Day, the number of people who fall into scams is expected to increase exponentially. That’s why we’ve broken down some good tips for you to get extra security when buying a gift for your mom.

1 – Always be wary of miracle promotions: Especially at this time of year, shopkeepers want to earn more and not just offer benefits. It’s common to find upgrades, but be wary of these “unreasonable” ones.

2 – Check if the purchase site is indeed the site of the company you trust;

3 – It is always better to use the virtual card to make online purchases;

4 – Always be wary of sites where payment is only available via Pix. By the way, avoid paying for Pix if there is any doubt about the suitability of the seller;

5 – Promotions received by SMS, social networks and WhatsApp should always be ignored;

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6 – If any alleged bank employee contacts you, contact your branch manager;

7 – when paying the bill by bank receipt, check the recipient’s data and see if he agrees with the company;

8 – If you buy from a physical store, always swipe the card into the machine. Never give your device in the hands of third parties to make the purchase;

9 – Take a look at your statement after making an online purchase.

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