Nicaragua wins Miss Universe 2023; See photos of the finalists

Nicaragua wins Miss Universe 2023;  See photos of the finalists

Nicaraguan Shenise Palacios won the 72nd Miss Universe contest, which was held in San Salvador and included married contestants for the first time.Extra size“And two trans women.

In addition to second place, Thai Antonia Porsild (picture below)23-year-old Shenice Palacios received the crown and sash from her American predecessor, Ruboni Gabriel.

Australian Murraya Wilson (picture below) He came in third place.

This is the first time that Nicaragua has won the Miss Universe contest. Palacios defeated 83 competitors who participated in the preliminary competitions during the week.

In her final response to the jury, the Nicaraguan representative stressed the importance of equal pay so that women can “work in any field.” “There is no limit to women,” he said.

Colombian Maria Camila Avila, 28, became the first mother in the event’s history to be among the five finalists. In addition to the Colombian, Guatemalan Michelle Cohen was another mother who participated in the competition, in an attempt by the organization to make the event more inclusive.

The list of the top twenty included the representative of Portugal, the trans woman Marina Machetti, in addition to the competitor from Nepal, Jane Garrett, the first plus-size candidate in Miss Universe. In addition to Machete, another trans woman participated in the competition, the Dutch representative, Rikki Valerie Colley.

The event organizers announced that the next edition of the Miss Universe contest will be in Mexico.


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