Myths and Realities of International Recruitment | SEGS

Myths and Realities of International Recruitment |  SEGS

Striving to move to a foreign country is one of the biggest challenges in personal and professional life. Despite that choice growing here — in 2020, the number of Brazilians living abroad was 4.2 million, a 36% increase in a decade, according to Itamaraty — the decision is still shrouded in myths, facts, and facts. . This article aims to clarify some of them:

I need to master a foreign language

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If you are looking for a low-skilled and low-paid job, such as in construction, housekeeping, clerk and waiter, for example, then an intermediate knowledge of a foreign language is sufficient. Now, if you want to advance your career, increase your income and become an outstanding professional, language proficiency is a must.

Without it, you do not even have the conditions to face a job interview in a reputable company; So much so that some of them, when searching for professionals in Brazil through recruitment agencies, impose proof of competence as one of the requirements. It should be noted that it is always possible to seek resettlement in countries that speak the same mother tongue, such as Portugal, in the case of Brazilians.

Can you get a job without a work visa?


Again, the question of the qualifications for the job you are looking for is compelling. It is possible that an informal job vacancy – and therefore, without benefits or any kind of protection – would accept or even favor an illegal immigrant to escape their work obligations. Regardless of these cases, any company that will actually contribute to your career will require you to be legal in the country. Entry visa and work authorization are a guarantee for the employer, but especially for you, who will have legal coverage and the freedom to come and go to do your work.

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Do I need diploma validation to work abroad

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Re-verification of a bachelor’s degree depends a lot on the candidate’s country and profession. In Europe, professionals in areas such as management, communication and education may only need to have a diploma equivalency, as they, as a rule, have similar structured activities and qualifications. For health professionals, lawyers, and pilots, to name a few, there is a requirement to re-certify and register with the representative body or union.

In the case of Mercosur, the agreement signed at the beginning of 2021 makes the diploma awarded by member states (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay) and partners (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Suriname) valid throughout the block.

International experience increases my chance of getting a job


Recruiters welcome resumes of candidates who have worked abroad. Among the many distinctions taken into account are technical improvement within the profession, proficiency in a foreign language, ability to work with different people and make decisions under pressure, among other technical and behavioral skills. In addition to job preference, these skills can help when an opportunity for promotion arises.

I will earn more work abroad


The dollar, the euro and the British pound are stronger currencies than the Brazilian real on a 5-to-1 basis. Only by this comparison is it possible to estimate the advantage. In addition, more advanced economies tend to pay better wages to the workforce. According to a survey by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the minimum wage in countries such as Australia, Luxembourg, France and Germany is about six times higher than in Brazil.

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However, it is important to pay attention to some factors. First of all, you will hardly get to the top of your career in a foreign company. Second, you can earn in dollars or euros, but you will also have to pay your daily expenses, such as rent, food, and transportation with these currencies. Finally, try to find out in advance what salary the company offers when applying for a vacancy. In 2020, a report from the International Labor Organization (ILO) showed that immigrants earn an average of 12.6% less than a domestic worker. In countries such as Portugal and Spain, the difference can be up to 30%.

Expensive International Recruitment Agencies


Depending on your business model and your partnerships with overseas employers, the cost of the candidate may be free. In Health Recruitment UK, for example, which recruits doctors, nurses and caregivers to the UK, it is the public and private healthcare system – not the applicant – that pays for the service and covers fees, travel costs, visa and first 3 months rent. The expenses for the mandatory proof of English and registration with the professional body are also paid for by the NHS. Due to the set of challenges, seeking the services of an international recruitment agency is the shortest way to make your dream of working abroad a reality.

Thomas Guy is Chief Executive Officer of Health Recruitment UK, a recruitment agency that specializes in seeking talent to work in public and private hospitals, nursing homes and mental health institutions in the UK, and District Counsellor (equivalent to a state deputy in Brazil) in England. The company has already hired hundreds of corporate professionals, as well as more than 2,500 foreign doctors to work in the UK’s public and private healthcare system.

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