Monkeypox: WHO confirms 131 cases and investigates 106 suspects | health

Monkeypox: WHO confirms 131 cases and investigates 106 suspects |  health
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Monkeypox may reach Brazil soon

The World Health Organization said, on Tuesday, that it had recorded 131 confirmed cases of monkeypox, and that it was investigating 106 other suspects since the first case of the disease was reported on May 7 in the United Kingdom, outside the region where the disease is most common.

The World Health Organization said that although the outbreak is “unusual”, it remains “confined” and limited, which is holding more meetings to support countries with guidance on how to deal with the situation.

“We encourage all of you to increase monitoring of monkeypox to see where transmission levels are and to understand the progression of the disease,” Sylvie Briand, WHO Director of Global Preparedness for Infectious Risks, said at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. It remains unclear whether the cases are the “tip of the iceberg” or whether the peak of transmission has passed.

Briand further reiterated the World Health Organization’s view that the virus is unlikely to mutate, but said transmission may be driven by a change in human behaviour, particularly with re-socialization as COVID restrictions ease. -19 has been suspended worldwide.

The director of the World Health Organization also stressed that there are vaccines and treatments available for smallpox, but he highlighted the importance of appropriate containment measures and more global research and cooperation on the topic.

Danger in Brazil

There are still no cases of monkeypox recorded in Brazil, but the Ministry of Health has set up a working group to monitor the situation. The disease is endemic to Africa and although the first case occurred in a person who returned from Nigeria, most are not associated with passage through sites of transmission. This, as well as conspiracy specialists, raises questions about the dangers of the appearance of patients here.

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The president of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases (SBI), Alberto Chapoo, says it is difficult to prevent the disease from reaching Brazil, and therefore it is important to strengthen the surveillance network to detect suspected cases.

“Preventing a case (in Brazil) in such a connected world is difficult. Now, we need to be on the alert, have a proper surveillance network for the rapid detection of suspected cases and have a diagnosis and surveillance structure,” he said.

In Latin America, Argentina is investigating a suspicious case involving a person who returned from a trip to Spain. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases determined that the first study indicated the presence of viral particles compatible with monkeypox. The patient is isolated and in good health.

* With information from international agencies.

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