7 benefits of abdominal exercise

7 benefits of abdominal exercise


Discover the main benefits of abdominal exercise


a Abdominal plank It is an exercise in Strengthening the core area, Which includes the abdominal, lumbar and gluteal muscles.

To perform an abdominal plank, simple Place your arms and toes on the floor, Keeping the body straight and parallel.

The goal is to maintain this Fixed position For a specified period of time, usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

So, discover the key benefits below.

7 benefits of abdominal exercise

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1. Strengthens the core

The plank exercise helps strengthen the abdominal, lower back, and pelvic muscles, which are important muscles for maintaining body stability.

“The reinforced core increases strength and improves movement efficiency. With enhanced balance, the risk of injury gradually decreases. In addition, [o core fortalecido] Provides noticeable improvements in the nervous and muscular system.” Explains physiotherapist Bernardo Sampaio.

2. Reduces the risk of spinal injuries

By strengthening the muscles around the spine, the plank improves stability and reduces the risk of injury.

3. Improves flexibility

In addition to strengthening, the plank also helps stretch muscles and improve flexibility.

“Tone and flexible muscles have a greater ability to expand and contract, which favors the body’s range of motion and agility,” says Dr. David Gusmão, an orthopedic and hip surgeon.


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4. Promotes balance

By strengthening the core, the board improves balance and body awareness.

5. Increases abdominal definition

Doing plank exercises strengthens the abdominal muscles, making the abdominal area more toned.

6. Stimulates mental health

The board releases endorphins, which promote well-being, and requires focus, which can help distract the mind.

“A person who exercises increases his self-esteem, reduces anxiety and stress and increases the feeling of well-being,” Says physical educator Angelo Marcio.

7. It burns calories

Although it is a lighter exercise, the plank burns calories by engaging several muscle groups.

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