Monitoring: Saúde publishes a technical note with guidelines on acute hepatitis etiology to be clarified

Monitoring: Saúde publishes a technical note with guidelines on acute hepatitis etiology to be clarified

The technical note is intended to clarify Basic aspects of epidemiological and laboratory surveillance

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To guide health professionals in Amazonas, the Foundation for Health Surveillance in Amazonas – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP) in collaboration with the Amazonas Department of Health (SES-AM), has announced (24/05) a technical note on etiology surveillance procedures for hepatitis should be clarified. atheism. The document is available at:

The technical note aims to clarify the essential aspects of epidemiological and laboratory surveillance in the identification and investigation of suspected cases, and the notification flows and laboratory tests required for acute hepatitis etiology to be clarified.

The FVS-RCP Technical Director, Daniel Barros, highlights all suspected cases, which meet the definitions of the Ministry of Health, must be notified by the health service within 24 hours. “Although the Amazon region does not contain cases of acute hepatitis with etiology elucidation, it is important that health professionals pay attention to case definitions, as provided in the note,” stresses Daniel.

Also according to the technical director, the technical note for FVS-RCP along with SES-AM, directs professionals for the possible confirmation of cases in the state of Amazonas. “In the memo, we have the basic definitions of diagnosing this disease and the procedures to follow, according to the Ministry of Health guidelines,” Daniel adds.

Lever Inflammation

The United Kingdom reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) 10 cases of severe acute hepatitis of clear etiology in previously healthy children under 10 years of age in Scotland on 5 April this year.

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On May 15 of this year, 429 probable cases of acute idiopathic hepatitis were reported in 22 countries, in children under 17 years of age. Of these, 26 cases required a liver transplant. All were negative for hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. The etiology is still under investigation.


FVS-RCP is responsible for health monitoring in Amazonas. The institution is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Avenida Torquato Tapajós, 4010, Colônia Santo Antônio, Manaus. Contact numbers are (92) 3182-8550 and 3182-8551.

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