Metaverse pioneers unaffected by the rebranding of Facebook – Época Negócios

Metaverse pioneers unaffected by the rebranding of Facebook - Época Negócios

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The first to adopt virtual worlds Known as the metaverse is criticizing Facebook’s rebranding as an attempt to cash in on the growing uproar over a concept it didn’t create.

“They’re basically trying to create what a lot of us have built for years, and recast it as theirs,” he said. Ryan Cable, an American who, for more than two years, organized meetings in different regions.

“I believe Facebook has changed that name to ensure that the new trademark is legally registered as soon as possible, with more companies interested,” said a British crypto investor known as Pranksy.

Artur Syschoff, who founded Metaverse Dream Space In 2017, she said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of a rebranding attempted to “insert the metaverse narrative that’s happening right now.”

Dave Carr, Communications Leader for the organization that runs the virtual world decentralizationHe said Facebook’s move could face resistance from metaverse users who do not trust its control over content.

Many metaverse platforms are based on blockchain technology, which makes centralized control impossible. In these virtual worlds, people use cryptocurrencies to purchase land and other digital objects in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

But the reaction of the followers of the first metaverse was not entirely negative. Some said that entering Facebook could increase interest in the concept in general, attract more users and support the development of multiple virtual worlds.

Tristan Littlefield, Partner of Da nft42 A metaverse user since 2018, he said his first reaction to the Facebook ad was negative, but “having a giant like Facebook comes in and cashes in billions of dollars… it could be positive” because of the new people it will bring to the site. The space.

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