Mauro Cesar: Corinthians from facts to crazy math and shirt 9 – 25/01/2022

Mauro Cesar: Corinthians from facts to crazy math and shirt 9 - 25/01/2022

There was a moment when Edinson Cavani was the target of Corinthians. That’s right the Manchester United striker who gets in the pounds every week.

The British currency was set at 7.40 Brazilian Real! Obviously, the Uruguayan top scorer did not come. Yes, he will be able to play for Corinthians one day, but with his contract with an English giant?

Then the heat turned to Diego Costa, who, not so long ago, was also earning £1 when he scored in a Chelsea shirt. Or in euros by scoring goals for Atletico Madrid.

They said the delay, and the stalemate, was due to the failure to terminate the contract with another Atlético, Mineiro. When the engagement was finally ended, the deal was not closed. Even in Brazil, it was expensive. Who did not?

Following fan speculation on the part of the media, Corinthians officials told Viel that they actually dread the number 9 to cheer. It’s Roger Guedes, one of the expensive deals made by the debt-laden club Sao Paulo in 2021.

Before, they had been directing the speculative sports press for weeks. Everyone was treated as if a realistic-looking packet of information was something that came close to paying off. An unsuspecting person might imagine that the club is witnessing a financial fortune.

Even crazy math turned out so that the set of 123, the number initially used by Roger Geddes at Corinthians, was converted to 9. An equation as believable as Diego Costa and Cavani at the club in early 2022.

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