Lewandowski authorizes universities to request a certificate of vaccination

The Ministry of Education’s decision banning the requirement for vaccination against Covid-19 in federal universities has been suspended. The decision was made on Friday (31/12) by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, of the Federal Supreme Court, at the request of a political party.

Universities may require a certificate of vaccination. Tania Rigo / Brazil Agency

“The Federal Supreme Court has, throughout its history, acted in favor of the full realization of the rights to health, education and university autonomy, and it seems not possible to compromise even a millimeter in defense of such fundamental principles, under penalty of an unacceptable civilized setback.” , Lewandowski wrote in his decision.

On the 29th, the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) Request to the Supreme Court to overturn the order issued by the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, on December 29, 2021, which prohibited federal educational institutions from requiring proof of vaccination as a necessary condition for the return of personal activities.

“It is never an exaggeration to recall that health, according to the Federal Constitution, is a right for everyone and an inalienable duty of the Brazilian State, guaranteed by public policies aimed at reducing the risk of diseases and other health problems, the main pillar of which is the System Health Service (SUS) ” , says the minister.

According to the judge, the order of Reverend Milton Ribeiro, Secretary of Education, “in addition to contradicting scientific evidence and strategic analyzes in health through vaccination discouragement, also supports the requirements of federal law strictly speaking that institutions can create such a restriction.”

“It is clear, therefore, that by subtracting the administrative, organizational and heritage autonomy of educational institutions as attributing a request for proof of vaccination against Covid-19 as a condition for the return of face-to-face educational activities, the contested act contravenes the provisions of Articles 205 to 214, as well as the right to university autonomy and the ideals that It governs education in our country and in other countries that are guided by the canons of democracy,” says Lewandowski.

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the The Democratic Action Party (PDT) and Labor Party (PT) have also called for the decree to be suspended in two separate ADPF parties, but they are subject to Minister Dias Toffoli’s report.

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