Leaders prefer online meetings – Diário do Comércio

Leaders prefer online meetings - Diário do Comércio

An international YouGov survey commissioned by Tableau, the world’s leading data analytics platform, with CEOs from several countries, showed that it was Brazilian leaders who showed a greater preference for meetings. OnlineAt the expense of face-to-face meetings. The survey interviewed 1,977 CEOs in C-level positions around the world.

While leaders from other countries still prefer face-to-face meetings for categories such as: C-level leadership meetings, Brainstorming and team meetings, even for these cases, the Brazilian executives interviewed preferred the method Online (according to the drawing).

Among the notable data, 59% of Brazilian leaders said they would prefer to have meetings between leaders in the manner Online The global average of the survey is only 41%. When asked about inter-team meetings (which bring together professionals from different regions), 61% of Brazilians indicated that they would prefer to do it this way. Online On a global average, only 44% answered the same question.

The information is an excerpt from research spurred by Quality Conversations, whose main goal was to understand how data can help leaders in decision-making and how leaders have adapted to the digital environment. Leaders from Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Japan and Australia were interviewed.

The data (shown in the graph) reflects little of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the business environment and the resulting need for sudden adjustment. In this scenario of unpredictability and social distancing, technology has opened the doors for office modalities to continue in a virtual fashion.

“Remote work brought convenience and savings in commuting time and it was easy to find people able to join a meeting from anywhere,” said Adriano Chemin, Vice President of Latam at Tableau.

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For Chemin, leaders, especially from companies in more advanced stages of the digitization process, had this understanding. In addition to meetings Online They brought greater flexibility and efficiency in decision-making, as well as the need to use data analysis to approach issues more objectively, with a more accurate presentation of scenarios.

“the work Online It’s more task-oriented, rather than face-to-face, which is partly geared toward fulfilling the day and includes periods of conversations for relaxation,” he says.

Data usage is becoming more important – According to survey data, 79% of Brazilian respondents said the pandemic has made using data a more important component to consider when making a decision, whether to rethink supply chains, reassess costs or open up different business fronts.

Post-pandemic – The survey also identified that Brazilian leaders experienced fewer relaxing moments in the office – such as casual meetings, lunches, and Break time – 73% of them indicated that this was a negative factor for business talks.

In business meetings, 30% of Brazilian leaders believe that most of them will take place at home, in a way Onlinepost-pandemic period. 25% thought it would happen in a hybrid way, between home and company, and 45% answered that it would happen in the company.

“There are still more conservative leaders who still don’t fully trust digital productivity or their companies in the early stages of this process,” Chemin added.

Despite the expansion of remote work, 64% of respondents said conversations during the pandemic were more efficient. Which shows that despite the great difficulties of the period, the leaders quickly adapted to the regular use of virtual tools of work. In addition, 70% of leaders also said that it is easier to bring people together for business conversations.

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