The central bank announces a change in the PIX

The central bank announces a change in the PIX

With the circular of PIX, the central bank announced that the days of the credit card are numbered in Brazil

at recent days, central bank He announced a decision that promises to revolutionize the Brazilian financial system: a change in pix With the aim of replacing the credit card permanently. This initiative represents an important step towards modernizing and democratizing banking services in the country.

Hey pixwhich has already proven itself as a fast and efficient alternative to remittances and payments, now aims to play a more central role in the daily lives of consumers, offering a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need to use traditional Credit card.

PIX is one of the most widely used payment methods today (reproduction: Internet)

Not only will this measure simplify financial transactions, but it is also capable of reshaping the way Brazilians handle their daily finances, paving the way for an era of more convenient and convenient electronic payments.

president BC (Central Bank)Roberto Campos Neto said that the credit card will cease to exist “almost”. He stated that he wanted to Digital currency Brazil will be operational in 2024.

He announced that everyone will have the app “Integrated” On mobile phone. “No one will have 5 banking apps, where they have to log into one to make a purchase and then log into another… We have Open Finance specifically for this. […] The integrator will set up your entire virtual and physical financial life in the same place.he announced.

Central Bank logo, pix and people in doubt - Internet reproduction images

'It will be mandatory': The central bank makes two radical changes to the PIX and issues an order to all banks in the country

Credit cards and the central bank interface (Image: Disclosure)

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It's law and it's in effect: a central bank order definitively puts an end to credit cards in 2024

Central Bank (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

Return of money to savings in 2024: Central Bank issues the most awaited release in history to the list of Qatari investment funds

PIX is the most widely used payment method today (reproduction: Internet)
PIX is the most widely used payment method today (reproduction: Internet)

According to Terra Portal, the President of British Columbia said pixel Really solves payment problems. You also have the possibility to make purchases using credit. He stated that the integrated wallet will provide a credit or debit payment tool.

Who invented pix?

Created by central bank In Brazil, the development of the payment system began by a study group in the entity in 2018. This was during the era of Michel Temer’s government. Pix has become popular with Brazilians.

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