Kovid – Arteta asks the Premier League to listen to the players’ concerns about 12/23/2021.

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The new wave of Covit-19s in Europe has hit the football world in England and is a major concern in the daily lives of players involved in the Premier League. Despite the increase in the number of cases, the competition has not been interrupted or subjected to a new security plan. The players’ comments were not taken into account and Arsenal coach Michael Arteta believes it will create a decline in the elite of English football.

? I believe the well-being of the players should be the main objective. We are responsible for protecting them more than others. Is it important that we listen to their concerns more because we can do nothing without them and the business will not work? Artetta also questioned the high number of games for the latter part of this year.

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? It’s easy for us to demand more games, but they are the ones that need to be played. If the players say it’s tough, they will be real because they have always tried to keep this league at the highest level. When they say that, we really need to ask them, why don’t we want to damage the product and the wonderful mix? Evaluated the coach.

In the last round, six of the ten matches were postponed due to the high number of Govt-19 cases. Departure to the new round of the Premier League had to be repeated, with both matches (Liverpool vs Leeds United and Wolverhampton vs Watford) postponed for the same reason. Because of the postponement, matches must be played at another time, precisely when the number of games increases significantly.

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Michael Arterta’s Arsenal return to action on December 26, when they face Norwich City in the 19th round. Two days later, the enemy was Wolverhampton. In January, the Gunners faced Manchester City (January 1) and Liverpool (January 4).

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