Austria seeks ‘Rwanda-style’ scheme in UK to outsource asylum claims

Austria seeks ‘Rwanda-style’ scheme in UK to outsource asylum claims
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The British Conservative government has long had plans to process asylum applications in Rwanda, but courts have declared it illegal.


The British and Austrian governments have signed a new agreement to cooperate more closely in the fight against immigration, while Vienna wants to establish a “Rwandan-style” system to process asylum claims.

In a speech in the Austrian capital last century, the British Home Secretary,Suella BravermanGran Brittany and Austria declared that they “share the right to protect our borders, defeat extremism and keep our people safe”.

Following a plan similar to Rwanda, Austria wants to carry out procedures for asylum seekers in a third country before deciding whether they want to come to Europe or not.

L Canceller Carl Nehammer We face some elections this year amid growing calls to toughen immigration, and I will say in September that the process is possible in a third country to guarantee that rejected asylum seekers “cannot hide in the EU or seek asylum in several European countries at the same time”.

Last year, the government went all the way to an agreement with Rwanda and a similar plan, but the government did not move forward with the plan until after the general elections.

The United Kingdom’s conservative government has long had ambitions to outsource asylum claims to Rwanda, and has become the first European country to conclude a deal that allows the African nation more than 140 million euros a year to accommodate people who ask for it. condition.

According to the agreement, those granted asylum will continue to live in Rwanda, while those rejected will be deported to their home country.

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In June this year, the United Kingdom’s Court of Appeal ruled that the scheme was illegal, and concluded that Rwanda could not be considered a safe third country.

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