Klopp calls for the return of five substitutions in the Premier League: “The players are in a state of tension” – 12/27/2021

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has once again expressed his concern over the players’ physical issue in this period of the end of the year, when Premier League clubs will play several matches in a row. In addition to this problem, there is the fact that a new wave of Covid-19 is hitting the UK and some players have been forced into quarantine. Therefore, Klopp believes that the return of the five substitutions during the matches is necessary at this time.

FIFA’s implementation of the rule was due to the pandemic. The Football Board of Directors has agreed to use five alternatives around the world to try to reduce the effects of the pandemic on players. Now the five changes are no longer mandatory and the Premier League has decided to go back to the old model, keeping the three changes. Other leagues around the world are still adopting the five mods.

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? We have to put the competition aside and not say that Manchester City have better reserve players than Burnley or something. Yes, maybe that’s true, but we’re talking about the intensity of football in England. Do players feel the effects often and are clearly on the verge of a physical problem? The German coach said, also referring to what is required for the return of the five changes.

? I know it takes 14 votes, something is wrong. Just to put it in context, I don’t know how many internationals Burnley have, but when we have three games they have none. We are talking about a problem that some clubs face but that everyone decides. We have athletes who have come back from injury or Covid and they have to play soon. Does this then have a significant impact on their health? Club highlights.

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In addition to the weak physical aspect, the Liverpool coach believes that even the level of the game is dropping due to the impossibility of making further changes. For him, it is imperative that the greatest rotation of players is used again so that the Premier League maintains its high level.

? This game is beautiful when played by decent players, with proper training and recovery. That’s why we love this match and we have a strong league. This intense league is the only one that has only three substitutions. We should change that, but I don’t see how? Club finished.

Liverpool will play last Sunday (26), but the match against Leeds has been postponed due to the high number of Covid-19 cases. With this, the team returns to the stadium on Tuesday (28), where it will visit Leicester, for the 20th round of the English Premier League. The ball will roll at 17:00 (GMT).

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