How often do you need to change sheets and pillowcases? teaches biomedicine

Saiba quantas vezes você realmente deve trocar a sua roupa de cama

A survey conducted in the UK and published last week showed that 45% of single men in the country change and wash their bed sheets only once every four months, and 12% only change their bed when they remember to do so.

Biomedical Roberto Figueiredo, better known as Dr. Bacteria know that the ideal is for sheets and pillowcases to be changed once a week and to shower before going to bed.

“A person generally loses 1.5 grams of skin and sweats 2.2 liters of sweat per day. Most of that time is in bed. If it takes that long to change, the buildup of residual skin and moisture increases the number of mites that will defecate. Their faeces cause problems such as rhinitis and inflammation,” he explains. Atopic skin and it can lead to asthma attacks.”

Pillows should also be changed periodically, preferably every two years. At the end of the period, about one-third of its weight was from live and dead mites and feces. Figueiredo also mentions that washing the pillow is not recommended because moisture facilitates the reproduction of mites.

“Our best pillow is a latex pillow, and the worst is a goose pillow. And we can never put it in the sun. If you do that, you increase the likelihood of mites mating, and your pillow turns into a moth lodge,” says the biomedical doctor.

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