How do I activate my credit card at Banco Inter? Find out now!

How do I activate my credit card at Banco Inter?  Find out now!

a Banco Inter It is a digital bank, being one of the pioneers in BrazilIt has no fees for services. Fintech offers many services, such as fee-free transactions, investments, debit and credit cards without an annual payment. So, check below how it works and how it works Interbank credit card limit.

At first, the customer should download the Banco Inter app and create their own app digital account. Then, the bank will ask for the data to send the debit card, which can take up to 15 business days to arrive. In this sense, the customer does not need Apply for a credit card additional. This is because it is possible to use the same debit card in the credit function. However, it is necessary to activate occupation directly in the application.

How is the limit set?

The personal data of the customer is checked at the time of account creation. An analysis of any outstanding issues and other information is made, and in this way, a credit limit to the user.

However, the credit line will likely not be approved by the bank. In these cases, it is necessary to wait 90 days to request a new evaluation. This also applies if the customer wants to request an increase in the credit limit. In addition, Banco Inter offers some tips that will help when analyzing:

  • Receive your salary through the Banco Inter app;
  • Use the app to make investments;
  • Always keep your registration data up to date;
  • Keep your financial life in order. This includes being disciplined, recording your earnings and expenses, etc., so you don’t get into it Debts.
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It is always important to keep in mind that the bank does this type of analysis to ensure that the customer is able to pay Bill from credit card.

How to activate your credit card at Banco Inter

Check the procedure below to activate the credit functionality on your credit card. Banco Inter.

  1. First, open the Banco Inter app on your mobile phone (available for Android e iOS);
  2. Then open the initial options and press “Cards”;
  3. Thus, the “Open credit function” option will appear in the upper corner. Click “View Credit Options”;
  4. Inter Bank offers two ways to unlock credit On the account. The first is investing through the app. In this sense, the money invested will turn into a credit on your card;
  5. Moreover, it is possible to open the job through credit analysis. To do this, click on “Request credit analysis”;
  6. In the next tab, the customer can send a paycheck or payment receipt and a receipt Income tax. Submitting these documents is not mandatory, but it helps a lot when the system does the analysis;
  7. Once this is done, the bank will receive the request, and will send a response back to the customer within a week.

When the review is approved, you will be able to use a file Credit card Normally. Now you know everything you need about your Banco Inter credit card.

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