Here it happens – a pseudo-doctor was caught while treating patients at Igreja Nova Health Center

Here it happens - a pseudo-doctor was caught while treating patients at Igreja Nova Health Center

November 30, 2021-17: 50

On Tuesday, November 30, in Igreja Nova, Baixo São Francisco, the Federal Police arrested an unnamed woman for the new violation of the power law, on charges of using a false certificate to obtain a medical record.

According to police information, in the city, agents found that the woman being investigated is treating patients of the Family Health Program – PSF as if she were a doctor, thus forming the flagrante delicto.

Also, according to the police, the suspect was arrested, who went to study medicine at a college in Bolivia, but did not complete the course, let alone pass the Revalida exam, which is promoted by the Ministry of Education, and was referred to the regional supervisory body. From the PF in Alagoas to take appropriate measures.

Since, in the glaring case, a crime of less offensive potential, a term was elaborated for its occurrence – instructions were given as to the total cost of ownership, with the person attested to be heard, with the forfeiture of the stamp used by the “fake doctor”, as well as the list of care for the day in question, Items indicating the illegal practice of medicine.

In flagrante delicto he was obligated to appear before the court when summoned, and for this reason he released her without arbitration on bail. You will be held accountable for the crimes stipulated in Article. 282 (unlawfully practicing medicine), s. 297 (Public Document Forgery) and Art. 304 (use of forged document), all of the Brazilian Penal Code.

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