Grupo Bandeirantes resumes its channel with a focus on…

Grupo Bandeirantes resumes its channel with a focus on…

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September 1, 2023 – 3:48 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the stars of the Saudi Football League, which will be shown on Channel 21 (Image source: Jan Catovi/Getty Images)

Starting next Monday, the fourth of this month, Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação will once again broadcast its own content on the open TV channel 21, also known as Rede 21. With the restructuring, it has channel It will focus on sports and will mix original content with other content already produced by the group.

According to Band, Channel 21 will focus on major news from the world of sports, matches of the recently won Saudi Arabian Football Championship, and new programs from Monday to Friday at 9 p.m.

Among the new ones will be Electrical networkWith Fernando Fernandez; There are women in the areapresented by Paloma Tucci; amazingWith Livia Nepomuceno; UFC Digital Arena that it NitroWith Meryl Musella and Fred Sabino respectively.

Programs from Rádio Bandeirantes and BandNews FM, e.g Sports in debate that it Band News In the region, it will be part of the program as well as a rerun Open match, Os Donos da Bola, final whistle, Band Esporte Clube that it Total Sport.

Despite the focus on sports, the channel will show news 21 minutes And the Online 21 that it 21 news. The channel will broadcast its first broadcast in the new format on the second Saturday, broadcasting the match between Al-Fateh and Al-Ahly, within the Saudi Championship competitions, at 2:45 pm, with narration by Oliveira Andrade and comments by Eduardo Castro.

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What happened to Red 21?

The Rede 21 brand was retired in 2006, when in partnership with Gamecorp it was renamed PlayTV.

PlayTV, in turn, stopped broadcasting in 2008 and since then Grupo Bandeirantes has maintained an agreement with evangelical networks, such as the Universal Church of the Power of God and the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God until February last year, when it began broadcasting. View content from our sister channel Terraviva.

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