frontrunners congratulate Macron on his victory in France; Bolsonaro shut up | 2022 elections

During his tenure of office, Bolsonaro disagreed with MacronThis is mainly due to the French’s criticism of the Brazilian government’s position on the environment.

Macron received 58.6% of the vote in the second round held on Sunday (24). His opponent, Marine Le Pen, a representative of the far right, received 41.4%.

French President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected with more than 58% of the vote

The appearance of the Brazilian candidates

Watch what Brazil’s frontrunners have to say:

“Seeing the far right defeated will always be cause for joy. The greater pleasure will be to see it wither and the democratic struggle take place with less polarization and more quality. In Brazil, France and the whole planet! Emmanuel Macron And help France to better occupy its place in the world.”

“victory Emmanuel Macron The French presidency shows that it is possible for democracy to defeat populism. May you serve as an example for Brazil.”

Macron’s victory is a victory for democracy, a rejection of extremism, a victory in voting for the hope of a promising future for the French nation, a victory for balance and commitment to the progress of the country without radicalism. And its people! ”

Louise Inacio squid da Silva (PT):

“congratulations Emmanuel Macron for his landslide victory in the polls. I am rooted in the success of your government, in the improvement of the living conditions of the French people, and in the development of the integration of the European Union. I am confident that President Macron will contribute to addressing the global challenges of climate change and epidemics, fighting inequality and building peace in Europe.”

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Preserve democracy, moderation and dialogue. Brazil needs the same path. Emmanuel Macron Re-elected president of France. In France the united democratic forces triumphed. Let us celebrate, but without rest, because the virus that attacks the ideals of freedom and democratic justice continues to occupy the lungs and minds of more than 40% of the French people.”

On the first official day of the G20, Bolsonaro will meet with Macron, Trump and BRICS

On the first official day of the G20, Bolsonaro will meet with Macron, Trump and BRICS

Political attrition between Bolsonaro and Macron from 2019. During an event held by the Group of Seven, a group of the richest countries in the world, of which Brazil is not a member, Macron wrote on a social network that the fires in the Brazilian Amazon should be discussed “urgently”.

Later, at the G-20 in Osaka, Macron said that if Brazil did not respect the Paris Agreement, France would not ratify the Mercosur agreement with the European Union. The agreement is pending until today, pending approval by the parliaments of the various countries involved.

Bolsonaro responded, amid the escalating crisis with the French: “The French president’s proposal to discuss the Amazon issues in the Group of Seven without the participation of the countries of the region raises an inappropriate colonial mentality in the twenty-first century.”

In the video, Macron complains about Bolsonaro with the President of Chile

In the video, Macron complains about Bolsonaro with the President of Chile

In August 2019, disagreements between the two presidents erupted into the extrapolation of the political sphere.

And the follower also added: “It’s the envy of Macron’s president, can you believe (sic).” Bolsonaro responded to the comment, saying: “Rodrigo Andrica does not insult kkkkk.”

Macron expressed himself about the incident: “Since I have great friendship and respect for the Brazilian people, I hope they will quickly have a president who will act according to their standards,” said the French president.

President Jair Bolsonaro, in 2019, responded to a comment about France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron. – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook Jair Bolsonaro

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