Focusing on elections, GloboNews prepares changes and departure of Christiane Pelajo TV News

Focusing on elections, GloboNews prepares changes and departure of Christiane Pelajo TV News

a Globo News Looking for more political analysis of its programming. Focusing on the 2022 election and on the tone that CNN 360º takes direct, headed by Daniela Lima and that has a lot of ramifications, Globo News wants to change the 4pm edition. Thus, the presenter Christian Bellagio will leave the allure that has led her since 2015 and make way for someone with that more analytical profile.

Jornal das 10 is also undergoing modifications, which Aline Midlej has provided since July. The home newspaper still has a lower political tone than others, and there is an idea to revive the formula used in the 2016 election, with Dony de Nuccio and Renata Lo Prete, to heighten the fallout, which is still less. It was expected by the superiors.

according to the newsGloboNews management understands that politics needs more space within the channel, especially news from Brasilia. Recent studies show that The audience wants to consume more information about behind-the-scenes and reflections One of the main themes of this editorial.

The heads of the news channel believe that Christian Bellagio does not have this desirable political line. But the hammer on her fate has not yet been struck, because they do not know what to do with the 50-year-old journalist. She is dear to her superiors.

Although Daniela Lima is not the main audience for CNN Brazil, it does give a lot of scoop and has huge repercussions on the internet, which is what GloboNews wants too. The 16:00 version loses in this regard, although it is the leader in the audience among the pay-TV news channels.

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Christian Bellago has been working at 4PM for the past six years. Today, his path is known more for slips than news. She is currently on vacation and is being replaced by Cecilia Fleisch. The new won’t be adopted until next year, due to an election that bodes well.

Peak time setting

Recently acquired by Allen Middelij, The 10 o’clock news will be modified to be more political. The news increased its audience numbers in São Paulo, but remained stable on PNT (the national television board) and still far from reflecting what GloboNews had imagined – even more due to the popularity of the new broadcaster.

For this, the channel wants to create a political bloc in which the issues of the day will be analyzed. The desired format is similar to Jornal das 10 de 2016, in which Renata Le Pretty and Doni de Noccio appeared – he provided the news of the day, and the current news anchor Jornal da Globo led the conversation about Brasilia.

For this idea, GloboNews considered Júlia Duailibi, who serves Em Ponto, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. The morning also suffers from dancing chairs so that the journalist does not work all day. If it is not possible for Julia to take the political post, then another professional will be considered.

GloboNews . denies

According to the column, GloboNews said the information was “incorrect”. The news channel also sent audience numbers for the 4:00 pm and 10:00 am newspapers.

According to Globo’s Communication, the 4:00pm release is the leader in pay-TV with more than double (160%) the number of CNN Brasil, which ranks 11th in the time period (0.4298 x 0.1655), between January and September 16 this year. In São Paulo, the audience for the 4pm issue nearly doubled (86% higher) than that of CNN.

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In the same period, during Jornal da 10, according to television, GloboNews appeared in fifth place among more than 100 pay-TV channels, with an audience six times larger (+ 502%) than the second news channel in the list – CNN, which is 46 per hour ( 0.3521 x 0.0585).

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