Who is Neymar’s alleged lover? The name causes confusion among netizens; Understands

Who is Neymar’s alleged lover?  The name causes confusion among netizens;  Understands

The Spanish press revealed who Neymar’s new alleged lover is on Wednesday 27th

Neymar (31) He became a topic this week after revealing a new betrayal of his fiancée, Bruna Biancardi (29). On Wednesday, the 27th of this month, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia revealed the identity of the player’s alleged lover. Carola Diazand caused confusion on the web.

According to the publication that covered the paparazzi’s speech Jordi Martin, Carola Diaz and Neymar have been in a romantic relationship for months. The star’s lover will be a Brazilian who lives in Barcelona and works as a waitress in the European country.

Carola had already traveled to Paris several times to be with him, and she was on his birthday“, the photographer told the program Love and fire. Diaz will be friends with the Argentine singer Tenny Stossel He had already worked with Clara Shealover Gerrard Pique And the axis of the sports chapter with Shakira.

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On Instagram, Neymar’s alleged lover will use the name Carola Gill. However, after the model received attacks on the Internet, netizens rushed to her defense, claiming that she was not the Brazilian who was involved with the Al Hilal team athlete.

This is not the girl, they were wrong, the girl is Carola Diaz and she is Brazilian. This is Carola Gil, she’s Argentinian and has never worked as a waitress“, wrote one netizen.They are too sick to believe anything, she doesn’t work in any restaurant and she’s not Brazilian“, said another.

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Her name is not Carola Diaz, she is not from Brazil, and she is not a waitress. She’s Argentinian and works in Barcelona with human resources. They found the wrong personA third added, justifying the fact that the model lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Carola Gil’s profile already has more than 195,000 followers, and she has not yet denied the rumors that she is in love with Neymar. After the controversy, the football player denied the situation, laughing: “It is everyone who sees it“, He said.

See photos of Carola Gil, Neymar’s alleged lover:

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