Floripa’s doctor went to hospital with his daughter testing negative for Covid and is now in the intensive care unit

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Dr. Armando Taranto Jr., the former director of Hospital de Caridad, has become known in Brazil as the Minister of Health of Rancho Quemado, where he successfully used early treatment for Covid.

Doctor Armando Taranto Jr’s brothers – Hamilton, Goga, Alba and Anna – have been hospitalized since last week at SOS Cardio where he arrived with routine consultation problems, circulation problems and swelling, and with the accumulated stress taken to the hospital, the picture reverted to pulmonary embolism. Dr. Armando has been hospitalized with a negative test for Covid-19. They took three negative tests. On the third day of admission to the hospital, the result of the examination came back positive, then things got complicated and he went to the intensive care unit. This is what the family knows. What the brothers are asking for clarification is that he did not mention to anyone in the family whether or not he had taken the third dose of the vaccine, and that he did not go to the hospital in an ambulance, like their cousin, Luisa Taranto, told me in tears, but the daughter took her by car. Dr. Armando, Jr., who I grew up with, with his family as a teenager in Coqueiros, the health minister of Rancho Quemado, took doses of the vaccine and like many, also contracted Covid, is in hospital, and like few. At that moment, others need special attention and prayers.

Journalist Paulo Also gave an interview to Dr. Armando Taranto Jr., from Rancho Quemado, in Conexão de, where they talked about the very small number of infected people in the municipality. Photo: NDTV

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