Experts reveal that Omicron did not increase hospital admissions for the elderly

Experts reveal that Omicron did not increase hospital admissions for the elderly

The rapid spread of the micron variant has contributed to an increase in Covid-19 cases worldwide. But the good news is that, Thursday (20/1), UK scientific advisors said there was no increase in hospitalizations for the elderly, as expected, despite an increase in cases in this age group.

According to experts, high numbers of hospitalizations were expected among the group with the new wave of variant cases – however, the increase has not yet been recorded in Europe. The statement came last week at a meeting of Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

“This may be due to higher levels of protection against hospitalization (due to vaccines), a slower decline in vaccine protection, or the effect of precautionary behaviors among and around the most vulnerable,” the advisors said.

Flexibility of procedures

On Wednesday (1/19), the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, announced to the local press that from next week the wearing of a mask will no longer be mandatory in the country and the government has requested that residents work from home. The house will no longer be valid. He also claims that while people still have to self-isolate in the event of contamination, his intention is to eventually remove all requirements.

The restrictions were imposed in England in December last year, after an explosion of cases caused by Ômicron. However, Johnson said hospitalizations have stabilised, making it possible to withdraw the measures.

Micron in Brazil

With less than two months to go in Brazil, the micronized variant of Covid-19 is already the main infectious strain in the country. Last week, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, said the country had the capacity to increase hospital beds, should there be an increase in hospitalizations due to the strain.

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