Experts propose a four-tiered plan to lift restrictions. meet him here

Experts propose a four-tiered plan to lift restrictions.  meet him here

Raquel Duarte, a specialist from ARS Norte and from the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto, presented this Tuesday a proposal for the continuation of the plan to reduce restrictive control measures for Covid-19, at a meeting with experts on the epidemiological situation. In Portugal, at the headquarters of Infarmed, in Lisbon.

Experts compared cases of the United Kingdom, which has already lifted restrictive measures against Covid-19, and Israel, which has taken a more cautious stance (with digital certification, indoor masks, and border controls), to identify a proposed plan to reduce restrictions in Portugal.

It is proposed to establish four levels of safety, according to the vaccination of the population, among which a gradual lifting of restrictions (with level 1 corresponding to the current moment and level 4 to the moment when group immunity is reached – with about 85% of the vaccinated population, a proportion that may need, with it, to modify).

Raquel Duarte explains that for any level, there should be three basic rules: adequate ventilation and indoor air conditioning (with the expert emphasizing that this aspect should be planned for the upcoming fall/winter), and routine use of digital certification risk self-assessment ( For example, each person should be aware of the dangers of incomplete vaccination, dangerous contacts, and frequent spaces with many people).

Along these lines, specialists propose several general measures for different areas of society, always adhering to the basic rules of physical distance, the use of masks in a closed environment and public events, and the avoidance of uncontrolled gatherings.

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It is proposed to maintain mobility control at sea, land and air borders.

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