Does Nubank Ultravioleta Offer a Virtual Card for Online Purchases?

a nupunk ultraviolet It was launched earlier this week and raised many questions from users who want to access the new digital bank credit card. The product offers 1% automatic cashback and black mode compatible benefits, but has virtual card?

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In addition to the traditional purple, the new Nubank product also offers a virtual card for online purchases. Just enter the application, press the “Virtual Card” option and generate the numbers that are different from the metal card.

Remember that Ultraviolet does not come with printed numbers, which means that the user needs to refer to the last 4 digits and the expiration date directly through the app when necessary.

About Nubank Virtual Card

This feature is suitable for customers who usually make online purchases, in order to avoid possible fraud with the use of a physical card. If necessary, the user can block or cancel the virtual card without difficulties and continue to use the physical version.

Unlike some banks, a virtual credit card nubank They can be used for recurring purchases such as streaming subscriptions or delivery apps. However, it should be noted that if the customer deletes the application version from financial technology You will have to enter a new product to pay for these transactions.

One point of interest about the new product is that it will only be possible to activate one physical and one virtual card. Thus, the moment the UV rays are activated, the traditional purple will no longer work. The virtual version should also be updated, just delete the current version and create a new one.

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