Discover the meaning of optical illusion 900 years ago

Discover the meaning of optical illusion 900 years ago

If you love countless Optical illusion challenges that has gone viral on social media, know that this is nothing new. There are works of art using illusion long before the Internet or even long before any kind of more advanced technology. There are records of historical pieces that are over 2,000 years old.

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Are you able to solve this old optical illusion?

A very ancient optical illusion, dating back 900 years, can be found at the Airavatesvar Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a Hindu site characterized by a rather eccentric animal representation.

Some people look at the statue and see an elephant, while others see the presence of a bull. After all, what do you see in this optical illusion Very historical and interesting.

What is the meaning of the Hindu temple illusion?

Notably, this particular Hindu temple is filled with elaborate animal carvings. One of its 900-year-old decorations shows two animals bound together by what appears to be a single head. In fact, there are two heads, but most people see only one head at first. What animal did you see: bull or elephant?

In fact, the purpose of the statue is to represent exactly the two animals. Understand the symbols of each of them for the culture of the region:

  • Elephant: represents the sacred animal Airavat, associated with King Indra;
  • oxThe bull is a sacred animal and represents Nandi, associated with Lord Shiva.
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The figure represents exactly the union of these two forces, turning the duality into only one. So, if you are confused when appreciating this beauty optical illusionKnow that it is intentionally puzzling and is one of the rare arts that tells the story of humanity.

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