Digital Security: Unimed Sergipe warns customers of cyber scams

Digital Security: Unimed Sergipe warns customers of cyber scams

With new methods of virtual scams emerging all the time, Unimed Sergipe strives to prioritize the safety of its customers, always staying in touch through official channels. For this reason, the healthcare provider warns that clients should monitor suspicious communications.

According to the person responsible for coordinating the services of Unimed Sergipe, Ihanna Paula, the operator communicates with its customers via automatic SMS in two cases. The first is sent five days before the expiration date and on the day of the expiration with the barcode and the amount of the coupon, following the example: “Unmarked Coupon – R value 17.41 expires today and is available in barcode 74891121239983772102801100051091187130000001741”.

There is another occasion where an SMS will be sent automatically when the plan is subject to cancellation, in case of default, by following the following form: “Due to the delay, your UNIMED is subject to cancellation and the judicial collection process will begin. If paid, ignore ‘.

If the customer receives any suspicious message, such as the provision of services or bill payment receipts that do not follow these standards, or via whatsapp messages, he should contact the operator. “In these cases, prior to conducting any kind of interaction with the sender, the customer should contact Unimed’s SAC, at 0800704 0111, to confirm that the message was indeed sent by Unimed,” Ihana explains.


According to Unimed Sergipe’s Chief Financial Officer, Alvimar Moura, the position to adopt is to check the written document line, which should begin with the Banco Cooperativo Sicredi code, which is 748.

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The manager also states that the last digits of the barcode must match the document value. “If the amount of the fee does not match the last digit of the code, it is very likely that the payment slip is wrong. Another instruction is to verify that your data is correct, such as the full name, CPF number, address and values,” warns Director Alvemar Mora.

To ensure the correctness of the bank receipt, the beneficiary must also check the following data: company name, CNPJ and address (Unimed Sergipe – 13.360.276 / 0001-22 – Rua Socorro, 100 São José), provided on the bank slip.

“It is very important to pay attention when paying the bank voucher. The alternative is to make payments through banking and online banking applications, since in this way it is possible to check the details of who will receive the credit before finalizing the payment,” confirms Alvemar.

Another instruction to the Managing Director is not to pay receipts with discounts or rebates, without negotiations with Unimed Sergipe, and, essentially, to pay printed coupons.

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