Delta variant accounts for 35% of UK vaccinated hospital admissions – News

The British government acknowledges the risk of an outbreak of Covid-19 in the eurozone
London, August 6 (EFE). Data from Public Health England (PHE) released on Friday indicates that 35% of patients hospitalized with delta-type coronavirus in the UK received the full dose, while 55% got the full dose. She did not receive any doses.

Of the 1,467 patients infected since 19 July by the delta variant, which was confirmed by genetic sequencing of their samples, 808 were not immunized and 512 received two doses, as detailed in the PHE statement.

The agency stresses that “although vaccines provide high levels of protection, they are not 100% effective and will not prevent the spread of COVID-19 to everyone.”

“The higher the vaccinated population, the higher the rate of vaccination in the hospital,” the agency warned.

In its statement, PHE, meanwhile, cautioned that there are “preliminary results” indicating that “virus levels in those with delta but who have already been vaccinated may be similar to those found in non-vaccinated people.”

At the same time, she maintains that this conclusion is based on a “preliminary exploratory analysis” and that further studies are needed “to confirm that this is the case”.

“Vaccination is the best way we have to keep ourselves and our families safe from the risks of serious illness that can be caused by COVID-19,” said Jenny Harris, executive director of the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA).

He added, “However, we must also remember that vaccines do not eliminate all risks: it is still possible to catch COVID-19 and infect others. It is essential that we be careful, especially when cases are high.”

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In the UK, 38.87 million people have already received the full dose, according to the latest data from the UK Department of Health, which represents 57.95% of the population. EFE

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