Covid cases cause injuries in health units in Freiburg

Covid cases cause injuries in health units in Freiburg

With the increase in contamination by Covid-19 in recent days, Nova Friburgo has recorded a decrease in some health professionals infected with the virus. Most of these concerned professionals are working on the front lines in the fight against the pandemic, and according to the Ministry of Health’s safety protocols, they should be removed from their duties.

On Monday, 17, a professional assigned to duty at the triage point at the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Conselheiro Paulino tested positive for Covid-19. The UPA was not closed, but the Municipal Health Service sent another professional to replace it.

A doctor from the Family Health Strategy (ESF) in Lumiere, who was also providing support in São Pedro da Serra while the doctor from District 7 was on vacation, tested positive for Covid-19. The doctor in the Stucky unit, who provides support in the sub-unit in Boa Esperança, also recorded the infection. According to the city council, since these are specialists from the federal government’s Mais Médicos program, there are no other doctors to replace them during the certification period (seven to ten days).

Thus, according to the city council, there will be nursing and technical care for the residents. In the case of more severe cases, patients will be referred to the center, as is already the case, as the base unit is not responsible for emergency care.

Members are affected too

The Secretary for Order and Urban Mobility did not have working hours on Monday, 17, because 11 employees tested positive for Covid-19. They are already in isolation. Smomu headquarters will undergo a disinfection process and will reopen normally on Tuesday, 18th, with full security for citizens and servers.

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The transit agency is the fifth in Nova Friburgo City Hall to be paralyzed by illness. The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Urban Development and the Attorney General’s Office of Nova Friburgo were closed for public service last Wednesday, 12, as some servers tested positive for Covid-19.

After the county promoted mass testing for employees, ten servers have tested positive, five in each volume, and all of them are already fulfilling isolation. In addition, the areas were cleared by the Red Cross. In both, the public service was re-established Thursday, with comprehensive security for taxpayers.

This Thursday, the 13th, the Finance Minister also temporarily suspended public service, in a precautionary manner, after four cases of Covid-19 were confirmed. As in the other sectors mentioned above, positive staff will adhere to isolation and the Red Cross will implement sterilization in space.

On Friday, 14, it was the turn of the Undersecretary for Animal Welfare to report that the sector was closed as well, after some employees tested positive for Covid-19.

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