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Despite claiming they are “confident” that the Premier League’s athletes will be released for the next round of World Cup qualifiers – against Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay – the technical selection committee still has no official confirmation that they will be available for the eight players playing in the tournament. Premier League. Last month, all athletes playing for teams in England were banned by their clubs and did not turn up.

The impasse arose after the English refused to release the players, claiming they had lost. This is because, in the UK, people who have traveled to South America must complete a 10-day quarantine before returning to activities.

The time is different now and there is a release agreement – the Brazilian Football Confederation has waived its demand to implement a rule that would prevent players from being selected for five days after the FIFA date, with a promise to release them. Now – but the official identification won’t happen until next week.

“We have chosen to release the athletes to play the past date, with the Premier League (English Championship) and FIFA (release) clubs committed on this date now in October. They have had several meetings, positive meetings with FIFA and the Prime Minister, the selection coordinator, Juninho Paulista, said the selection coordinator, Juninho Paulista. And the British government, we are confident that there will be a positive resolution to these issues next week, which is why we have called.” “What has been passed on to us is that it has not been confirmed, but that confirmation will be available soon.”

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On the list announced on Friday are eight players who play in English football. Goalkeepers Alisson (Liverpool), Ederson (Manchester City), right-back Emerson (Tottenham), defender Thiago Silva (Chelsea), midfielders Fabinho (Liverpool) and Fred (Manchester United), strikers Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) and Ravenha (Leeds). United).

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