Cezar Black, Domitila, and Gabriel on the second wall; Poll TV news

Cezar Black, Domitila, and Gabriel on the second wall;  Poll TV news

The first single wall formation in BBB 23 Sunday night (29). Cesar BlackAnd Gabriel Tavares and Domitilla Barros ended up in the spotlight. Christian Vanilli won the Prova Bate e Volta and eliminated the possibility of disqualification. Who leaves the prize dispute on Tuesday (31)? Vote for this text.

Angel of the Week, Riccardo Camargo fielded Tina Calamba. “We had friction, but we were in touch. She’s very firm with me and this [colar] This is for her, she’s worth so much,” the Bibuka member justified, before passing the protection object to her friend.

Amanda Meirelles and Fred Nicácio were already out of the voting possibilities because The dynamics of recent days.

Leader Antonio Jay shoes Put Caesar Black on the hot seat. “The person I would vote for wasn’t my first choice, but he’s been pulling away from me while others have approached. And that person is Cesar Black,” the house influencer argued.

across the Dynamics of the week at BBB 23The nurse got the right to counterattack, and without blinking, she pulled Gabriel Tavares. He summed up: “I’m going to pull Gabriel, by following the standards we play.”

In a vote caught up in communalism, MC Guimê f Domitilla Barros was the most mentioned. Shoe Face, who got the Joker Power to get one of them out of the hot seat, chose to save the singer. with change, Christian VanelliThe third highest number of votes in the house was walled.

The leader noted that Black was the only one of the four threatened with disqualification who did not participate in the Prova Bate e Volta. The activity was divided into three phases and included luck, with the choice of numbers. Vanelli did a good job getting rid of the second wall.

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BBB 23 Vote now

Take part below in BBB 23 poll:


BBB 23: Who’s leaving on the second wall?

The polls, which are not scientific in nature, only depict a trend on the part of Big Brother Brasil viewers who vote on the official Globo website. The partial result has no effect on the official voting site Gshow.

Who voted for whom?

See below who voted for whom, in order of invitation to the confessional:

  1. Fred Decimpidos -> Christian
  2. Elvis key -> MC Guimê
  3. Cesar Black -> MC Guimê
  4. Bruno Nogueira -> Christian
  5. MC Guimê -> Domitila
  6. Sarah Allen -> MC Guimê
  7. Gabriel Tavares -> Domitilla
  8. Amanda Mirelles -> Domitilla
  9. Fred Nicasio -> MC Guimê
  10. Allen Werley -> Domitilla
  11. Riccardo Camargo -> Domitilla
  12. Paula Freitas -> Domitilla
  13. Domitila Barros -> MC Guimê
  14. Christian Vanelli -> MC Guimê
  15. Gabriel Santana -> MC Guimê
  16. Tina Calamba -> Domitilla
  17. Bruna Griffau -> Domitella
  18. Gustavo Benedetti -> MC Guimê
  19. Larissa Santos -> Christian
  20. Marvella -> MC Guimê

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