Brazil records 20 cases of delta variant; Two deaths have already been confirmed

Monitoramento de variantes (21 de maio de 2021)

Brazil has 20 confirmed delta cases, according to a survey CNN. Paraná is the state with the highest incidence, with seven confirmed infections.

Maranhão, the first state to record cases of this type in Brazil, has six registered cases. Goias calculates two cases; Rio de Janeiro has already confirmed three cases, while Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo have confirmed one each.

In Sao Paulo, a 45-year-old man is still being monitored by municipal health department staff, and 20 people who have been in contact with his family members are being monitored. So far, the secretariat says it cannot yet claim that there is a community circulation of the variant in the city.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed two deaths caused by the delta variant in Brazil. One of the victims was a pregnant woman living in the interior of Paraná; The second, an Indian, was on a ship that docked off the coast of Maranhão in May.

The delta variant was considered critical by the World Health Organization because it is the most transmissible strain of coronavirus. To date, it has been identified in 104 countries. Even countries with the most advanced vaccinations, such as the UK, are seeing an escalation of cases due to the high rate of contamination of this variant.

Variable Monitoring (May 21, 2021)
Photo: Reproduction / CNN
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