Brazil: a smart city that offers solutions to reduce waste production

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Brazil ranks fourth in the ranking of countries that produce the largest proportion of plastic waste in the world, and recycles less than 2% of that amount, according to World Bank data released in the latest report by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). ) on plastic pollution.

Thinking of greater sustainability, the builder of Planet Smart City offers guidelines designed to maximize the use of this waste recycling in smart neighborhoods and cities.

Susana Marchionne, CEO of Planet Brazil, explains that the recycling measures in place require strategic planning to engage the entire community.

“The smart city should invest in environmental education projects so that its residents can reduce the impact of their actions on the planet, because everyone knows the importance, but they do not always do enough because they do not know where to start,” the CEO explains.

“Having good examples around us can properly encourage future actions in favor of the protection, recovery and sustainable use of our planet,” he adds.

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In Smart City Laguna, for example, there is a selective collection island with different colored boxes, indicating the correct disposal of items such as plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.

The place is frequented by more than 200 resident families, with each family carefully separating their garbage.

To engage the community, the city also implements other measures such as communal composting, where residents can dispose of vegetable scraps, fruit peels, coffee grounds and eggshells, which after a while in the compost bin become compost that can be used in the community garden or in each family’s private garden.

The CEO believes that the system implemented helps the community to participate in the concern for the cleanliness of the city.

“Our motivation comes from the results. Our city is very clean and even in areas where there are not many litter boxes, you don’t see litter on the ground,” says Susanna.

Lessons to prevent food waste are also offered to the community in the “Smart Dining” space, where residents learn how to use food to the full by promoting healthy eating habits.

Planet Smart City

Protech Planet Smart City designs and builds inclusive smart cities and neighborhoods that provide more than just homes.

The group was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in London with offices in Italy, Brazil, UK and India.

Planet’s unique proposal has become a reality in Brazil, where horizontal projects are being built:

  • Laguna Smart City (CE),
  • Smart City of Natal (RN),
  • Smart City Aquiraz (CE)

And the vertical in the city of São Paulo, with more than 2,500 apartments.

More information at:

Source: Press Office – Planet Smart City.

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