Beauty, health and tourism in the south | Special Announcement – UNAMID South

Beauty, health and tourism in the south |  Special Announcement - UNAMID South

NS in motion He follows the path to talk about an area that preserves the memory of the Holy Spirit at the height of the coffee cycle. There are three municipalities: Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Muqui and Mimoso do Sul, where we also find beautiful landscapes.

Immediately we saw the top of the rafts. A stone with a height of about 2000 meters located in the Conceição do Muqui district of Mimoso do Sul and attracts the attention of many visitors. This hype around the place made Claudini, who lives 600 meters from the rock, to change his profession and specialize as a guide leading visitors to reach the summit.

Because of tourism, entrepreneurship has emerged in the south. Many people are creating new forms of income and transforming the local economy with restaurants, inns and cafes, after all, raw materials are not available. In 2013 Iphan identified 46 coffee farms dating back to the 19/20th century.

Beauty, health and tourism in the south – Photo: TV Gazeta ES

The next place we will explore is Muqui which also has farms. Santa Rita is one of the most famous places that are famous for being open to visiting. It has 14 rooms and 4 rooms and keeps furniture and things that were left to tell a story. The owners have invested in a recreational structure for the area, with a lodge, lake, and restaurant.

With so many attractions, the municipalities of Vale dos Cafés have developed and won a structure that is not only touristy, but also serves its residents well. Unimed Sul Capixaba is the best health plan in the region, it is present in 30 municipalities of the southern region.It has its own hospital, maternity department, emergency room, laboratory, diagnostic, oncology, cardiology, specialist center, Viver Bem and units in Castillo and Icon.

It is the only health plan in the South District that has its own hospital. It is Cachoeiro’s most remembered health plan, 20 years ago we received the Gazeta Empresarial Award.

Thus, with safety, technology, health, natural beauty, and entrepreneurship, it is the epitome of a beautiful region, in development and taking care of itself.

In Motion: Beauty, Health, and Tourism in the South

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