Bahia News / News / Cooperation Reference brings BA and UK closer in science and technology

Bahia News / News / Cooperation Reference brings BA and UK closer in science and technology

The UK Ambassador to Brazil Peter Wilson, Deputy Governor and Planning Secretary Jono Leo and Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation Adelia Pinhiro welcomed the signing on Thursday (2). Cooperation Agreement between Bahia and the European Country. During the meeting, the various opportunities offered by Bahia to the Ambassador were expanded to other projects, including wind and solar energy, and from the perspective of sustainable development.

In March this year, Jono Leo said the proportion of all energy consumed in Bahia, which is produced on the state’s own wind farms, had reached 46%. “We received the Arabs last week, and now, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, to show the potential of Bahia, a state with a larger territory than some countries in Europe. We are very pleased with this new partnership we are bringing to Bahia.

For Ambassador Peter Wilson, Bahia and the United Kingdom can do much more together. “This understanding of technology between Bahia and the UK highlights the opportunities in wind, solar and other ways to bring our companies and our governments closer together. We have an opportunity to highlight Bahia State in this century of environment, greening growth. The next step is to integrate our companies into technology and the environment. Establishing a common ground.We have an opportunity to develop these relationships.

Secretary Adélia Pinheiro noted that the United Kingdom is one of the most advanced countries in science, technology and innovation. “Attitudes and innovations for companies that produce science and technology are huge in consuming, using and transforming companies. Such as common interest themes. The best we have. This is a very rewarding partnership. “

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