Cape Verde rejects migrant talks with UK

Cape Verde rejects migrant talks with UK

The Cape Verdean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration said in a statement that “this matter has never been addressed” and “the government does not agree to engage in any negotiations in this regard”.

The reaction came after British newspaper The Times reported on Monday that Cape Verde and Angola would be on the list of countries the UK could access if it negotiated with other countries (Costa Rica, Armenia, Ivory Coast, etc.). and Botswana) to deport the migrants, according to leaked official documents.

The British government's proposed legislation to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda has returned to the House of Commons for a fresh round of debates and votes on amendments approved in the House of Lords.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak considers the proposed legislation essential to prevent the crossing of the English Channel by small vessels such as inflatable boats.

Sunak hopes that the first deportation flights will leave for Rwanda in the spring so that he can gain a campaign argument to win the next legislative elections.

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