Amazon launches cashless payment technology “Just Walk Out” in a large supermarket in the United States – a small company for big business

Amazon launches cashless payment technology “Just Walk Out” in a large supermarket in the United States – a small company for big business

At the Amazon Fresh unit in Bellevue, the customer does not need to go to the checkout (Image: disclosure)

a Amazon About the opening of the first large supermarket in United State To use “Just Walk Out” technology (“Just Walk Out”, in translation), which allows stores to operate without paying cash. The new Amazon Fresh unit, which opened Thursday (8/17) in Bellevue, Washington, measures 2,300 square meters and is significantly larger than the 2020 Amazon Go grocery (966 square meters), or the Go model (with dimensions ranging from 111 square meters to 213 square meters), site reports the edge.

The company has always intended to take the Just Walk Out tool into a large space, using a series of hanging cameras and pressure-sensitive shelves to automatically detect what consumers put in their carts. Hence the idea that they can simply leave the store without having to stop and pay.

“Bringing technology to an entire supermarket shows that technology can adapt to new environments,” Amazon Vice President of Physical Retail and Technology Dilip Kumar said in a statement. “This will help more customers make purchases quickly and easily,” he added.

The retail giant explains that traditional payment methods are still available in-store for customers who want to use them at checkout. If they decide to use Just Walk Out, they can choose to scan a QR code on the Amazon app, enter an associated credit or debit card, or do palm recognition. When they leave the store, they will be automatically charged to a virtual cart, and they will receive a digital receipt.

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Amazon Fresh (Photo: Disclosure)

Just Walk Out technology in a UK store (Photo: Disclosure)

Amazon hasn’t revealed whether it will use “Just Walk Out” technology in its oldest Amazon Fresh units in the US – in total, there are 14 stores like this on US soil. Meanwhile, in the UK, the technology is appearing at Amazon Fresh branded sites, which are similar in size to US Go stores.

In addition to using the tool at owned stores, Amazon also provides “Just Walk Out” to third-party retailers. Hudson Markets, OTG CIBO Express, and Delaware North are publishing the new in their stores.

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