A doctor from Espiritu Santo suffered a heart attack while helping flood victims in Republika Srpska

A doctor from Espiritu Santo suffered a heart attack while helping flood victims in Republika Srpska

“The doctors said he was injured heart attackBut his condition now is a prolonged cardiac arrest from which he recovered due to anoxic encephalopathy. Walter's wife, Diane Coimbra-Olhoa, said: “It is clear that he is in a comatose state, but there are still additional tests required to truly determine his diagnosis.” UOL.

Transfer to ES

With each passing hour, the doctor's clinical condition tends to worsen, according to doctors. The victim's wife arrived in the state last Wednesday (22), where she was informed of the entire situation. She and other family members try to move Walter to the capital, Vitoria.

Transport needs the cooperation of governments. “He is in critical condition, on mechanical ventilation. Since he is in a secondary hospital, there are no additional tests available to determine the exact diagnosis. We need to transfer him to a hospital with neurological support conditions, but we are unable to carry him.” “We need help from both states at this time,” Walter's wife reported.

In a note sent to UOL, SESA-ES (Espírito Santo State Health Department) reported that it had contacted the hospital where the patient is admitted in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and had already made a bed available in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The agency also indicated that it is studying the best way to transport the doctor. “The transportation method is being evaluated by technical teams,” the secretariat said in a document.

A father of two children, he has been married for nine years

Walter has been married to dentist Daniele for nine years. The union became official in April 2015, on the same day as the doctor's birthday.

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