63.5 million Brazilians fully vaccinated

63.5 million Brazilians fully vaccinated

Today, Brazil has reached 63.5 million people who have completed the vaccination against COVID-19. So far, 63,554,779 Brazilians have taken the second or single dose of the immunizing agent, equal to 29.79% of the country’s population. Survey by a consortium of media, of which UOL It is a portion, based on information provided by state health departments.

In the past 24 hours, 971,621 people completed the vaccination schedule – of these, 966,835 received a second dose and 4,786 took a single dose. In the same period, the first dose was applied to 863,555 Brazilians.

In all, 132,174,844 people took the first dose of the immunizing agent, which corresponds to 61.96% of the country’s population.

In the total of the first, second and single doses, 1,835,176 doses were applied between yesterday and today across the country.

Vaccination with the first dose on 9/1

Photo: UOL

Mato Grosso do Sul leads among the states with the largest proportion of its population with full vaccination: 44.77% of the population.

On the other hand, São Paulo remains in first place among those with the highest proportion of the population who have already taken the first dose: 72.96% of the local population.

Full dose vaccination 1/9 - UOL - UOL

Full vaccination on 1/9

Photo: UOL

Anticipating a second dose could leave 3 million without AstraZeneca in September

Shortening the interval between AstraZeneca vaccines, Ministry of Health He risks leaving at least 3 million people behind the second dose In September. Some states have asked the federal government to send in new batches to start the anticipation, but the volume office says the answer depends on guidelines that haven’t yet been released.

To stop the progress of the Delta variant of the new coronavirus, Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga announced last week that From September 15 The interval between doses of vaccines from Pfizer and AstraZeneca, now 12 weeks, will be reduced to eight weeks, as in the UK.

The news is especially good for the 4.4 million Brazilians, who will get their second dose of AstraZeneca only in October. With the change, they will be able to order a second injection in September.

The problem is that 17.8 million Brazilians completed the 12-week course of immunization with the vaccine in the same month and would also need the second dose in September.

Vehicles combine for information

In response to the government’s decision Jair Bolsonaro To restrict access to data related to the covid-19 pandemic and the media UOLO Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S. Paulo, O Globo, G1 and Extra have formed a consortium to work collaboratively to obtain necessary information directly from the state health secretariats in the 27 union units.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, should be the natural source for these numbers, but the positions of the authorities and the president himself during the pandemic cast doubt on the availability and accuracy of the data.

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