YouTube struggles to retain shorts brand in UK

YouTube struggles to retain shorts brand in UK
YouTube Shorts brand competes with TikTok and Reels (Image: Shutterstock/Chubo – My Masterpiece)

The GoogleControlled by lettersIt faces a dispute in the courts to avoid a possible global renaming YouTube Short FilmsCompeting with TikTok And with reels.

The giant Technology from America A favorable ruling was won on Thursday, clearing the way for the Supreme Court UK YouTube has settled a dispute with shorts company Shorts International that its use of the word “short” infringes on its trademark.

Google attorney Lindsey Lane said during the trial that “this case is at the extremes in terms of value and importance. Google said an adverse decision would result in major rebranding costs and technical changes to the platform,” the judge said in the ruling.

Alphabet launched its short video platform on YouTube two years ago to counter the format’s growing popularity on other mobile apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Meta platforms.

A lawyer for Shorts International said the company has been in business for more than two decades and uses the brand to distribute shorts on multiple platforms, including YouTube.

The word “shorts” and the way it is used may confuse people, implying that YouTube bought the “shorts” trademark or that Shorts International is a subsidiary of it, lawyers for the company said in court documents.

In Thursday’s court ruling allowing a lengthy trial, Google’s concerns about the significant impact of the case outweighed Short’s International’s concerns about the “disparity of resources between the two parties,” Short’s International said in an emailed statement. “This is a procedural request in the best forum to decide Shortz’s complaint, not a Google victory.”

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