Woman who punched crocodile to save twin sister wins UK medal

Woman who punched crocodile to save twin sister wins UK medal

Englishman Georgia Larry31 years old, receiving a Medal for saving his twin sister from a crocodile attack. Respect, this Recognizes exemplary acts of braveryAppears in the Civil Calendar of King Charles III approved from 2024.

The case happened in June 2021 when the sisters were swimming in a lagoon near Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Shortly after entering the water, Melissa was pulled over by an alligator. Hearing her sister's screams, Georgia began poking at the animal's nose. The attack drove the reptile away and Georgia was able to save her sister.

A friend who was with the sisters asked for help across the mangrove. A nearby boat carrying tourists rushed to the spot after hearing the screams. Melissa, who suffered stomach and leg injuries, managed to get medical attention in time, but had to be hospitalized after developing sepsis (a common infection).

A few months later, like Georgia, she recovered from having her hand pierced by an alligator.

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In an interview BBC, Georgia said she was surprised by the news that she would receive a medal of valor from the King. “It's an honor, I'm so shocked because I didn't see the letter coming, I wasn't expecting it,” she said, “I feel really blessed, it's a silver lining to a terrible ordeal,” she added.

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