You can download: Ubuntu 23.10 release with security improvements and new App Center design

You can download: Ubuntu 23.10 release with security improvements and new App Center design

On Thursday (12), Canonical announced the launch of Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur”, the new version of its operating system based on Linux. The distribution improves the security of the platform and brings a new experience to the App Center, which promises to make it easier to discover apps and expand their offerings.

With the new version of the software, the App Center will have a renewed design that makes its user interface more intuitive. In addition, the platform now supports .deb and Snap format packages, and to ensure a complete experience, .deb and Snap format packages have been added The Store integrates metadata from apps hosted on the Snap Storefrom Canonical.

The developer reiterates that all apps available on the Snap Store undergo extensive security analyzes so that they only work with the necessary permissions on Ubuntu. Additionally, a signature verification process is in place to ensure that only publishers can modify apps.

Another addition to Ubuntu 23.10 is Preview Support hardware-based full disk encryption, which promises to improve computer security by encrypting all data stored on your computer drive. Canonical expects to offer this feature and additional configuration options with the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release.

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August 10

Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS: System with real-time kernel is now available

September 13

Also focused on security, one important change in the Ubuntu kernel is an additional mode that forces certain programs – such as web browsers – to have an AppArmor profile, which will prevent the use of features that typically require extensive privileges and create critical security vulnerabilities in the system.operational.

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For those looking to purchase a Raspberry Pi 5, the new version of the operating system adds support for the mini PC, ensuring the community has access to the platform’s development resources since its launch.

Ubuntu 23.10 is now available on Canonical’s download page. The OS update has the same minimum requirements as Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, so it can be installed on any computer running the latest supported long-term version of the software. You can download the image from

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