PS5 update improves system security; look here

PS5 update improves system security;  look here

Sony has just released the latest update for the PS5. The update implements several improvements and improves the console’s security system.

Version 23.02-08.40.00 arrives via a 1,185GB file and also takes care of the navigation and ease of use of the console. Find out the details released by the Japanese company:

PS5 Update (Version 23.02-08.40.00)

Key features in this system software update

  • Security fixes have been made to the system software;
  • They implemented improvements to the performance and stability of the system software;
  • Messaging and usability on some screens have received improvements;

How to install the new PS5 update?

If your console doesn’t automatically start downloading to access the new PS5 update, you can do the process manually. On the PlayStation websiteThe company explains this step by step:

  • Go to Settings > System.
  • Select System software > System software update and settings.
  • An available update option will appear if a newer version is available. Select Update system software to update.

Remember: some games don’t work without your PS5 running the latest version, haha.

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