Workers born in February can already withdraw the fifth payment; Check the calendar

Workers born in February can already withdraw the fifth payment;  Check the calendar

Caixa has already completed a deposit Fifth batch of emergency aid For all program beneficiaries. Now, the financial institution will be responsible for launching immediate withdrawals to the general public for the benefit (those who are not part of the Bolsa Família). The schedule of withdrawals began on the 1st of September and continues until the 20th of the same month.

for those who They were born in FebruaryWithdrawal was made available on Thursday, September 2, 2021. Hence, dates continue to be organized based on the month of the recipients’ birthdays. Remember that the fifth batch of emergency aid can be withdrawn at Caixa branches or lottery correspondents.

Program values ​​in 2021 will vary depending on family composition of the beneficiaries. Thus, mothers with household heads receive R$375, with no possibility of accumulating more than one payment during the month in question. Citizens living alone are in turn entitled to a monthly sum of R$150 while other beneficiaries receive a monthly payment of R$250.

Withdrawal of the fifth batch of emergency aid

The release of raffles to the public has been organized according to Beneficiary’s birth month. Those born in January, can withdraw money since last Wednesday, 01/09. Those born in February will have the possibility to withdraw money from today, 02/09. Likes There was no opening Of those enrolled in 2021, the assistance is awarded to those who already received it in 2020.

Remember that Bolsa Família beneficiaries were able to get refunds during the same period allotted for deposits in accounts. Already have others specific calendar for withdrawals. This group consists of people associated with CadÚnico and citizens who have been registered with the program since last year (via the website or app).

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Keep track of dates for Release the loot From the fifth batch for those not part of the Bolsa Família:

  • Born in January: 1/09;
  • Born in February: 02/09;
  • March born: 03/09;
  • April born: 06/09;
  • Born May 09/09;
  • Born in June: 10/09;
  • July born: 13/09;
  • Born in August: 09/14;
  • Born in September: 09/15;
  • Born in October: 16/09;
  • Born in November: 09/17;
  • Born in December: 09/20.

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