Woman throws soda at Nigel Farage in United Kingdom – 06/04/2024 – World

Woman throws soda at Nigel Farage in United Kingdom – 06/04/2024 – World

Right-wing leader and British parliamentary candidate Nigel Farage took a soda bath after a woman threw a plastic cup at him during a campaign event in Clacton-on-Sea on Tuesday (4).

Farage launched his candidacy for the British Parliament a day after surprise announcement that he would stand in Britain's general election – the politician had previously said he would not run to campaign for the Republican candidate for White. House, Donald Trump, in the United States

Farage, 60, was removed from the scene by security and was unhurt, and a 25-year-old woman was arrested by police and charged with assault. Later, the politician mocked what happened in a publication on X.

Her party leader, Richard Dice, said the woman was a “childish idiot” and that no one would be intimidated, adding that the incident would bring “thousands of votes” to the party. The UK Home Secretary said that what happened was unacceptable.

The surprise announcement that Farage will lead Reform UK in the July 4 election campaign is bad news for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's party. Farage, known for leading a pro-Brexit campaign during the 2016 referendum, is expected to split the right-wing vote and further worsen the Conservatives' electoral results.

According to the BBC, polls suggest the Prime Minister's party could suffer its worst defeat in decades. The Conservatives have 24% and Farage's Reform UK 10%.

Farage was instrumental in the bloc's victory in the 2016 referendum, and pressured various governments to lead a hard Brexit with fewer concessions to the EU.

The right-wing leader is also known for racist comments such as saying Muslims don't follow UK values, he's uncomfortable listening to foreign languages ​​on public transport – and he would have problems being neighbors with Romanian immigrants. .

In 2019, he took a milkshake bath in an incident like this Tuesday while campaigning for the European Parliament. At the time, the man was ordered to pay for repairs to Farage's suit.

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