‘Saturday Night Live’ Super Bowl L.V.

The NBC type show opened on Saturday with an episode of Kenan Thompson making fun of the CBS Super Bowl pre-game show with CBS Sports presenter James Brown.

“Hello! Welcome to the Super Bowl – four hours of TV for 11 minutes of action,” said Thompson’s Brown. “I’m not James, it’s not ‘Brown.”

Thompson noted that this season was nothing more than a simple thank you for the epidemic and racial and political divisions.

“But today we unite with a spirit of solidarity to watch football,” he said. “And kill billions of chickens for their delicious wings.”

Thompson Brown said the league had worked hard to retain Covitt all season and fortunately they only had “700 cases”.

When Kansas City leaders visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa – advertisements for the Sunday game – the sports team almost mentioned CBS.

“SNL” then showed a fake ad for Cheese-Eats, which featured pictures of historical figures fighting injustice. The ad ended with the caption, “Cheese-Eats, Historically Delicious.”

Here's what it would be like to be called a Super Bowl during an epidemic

It was followed by a fake advertisement by Papa John entitled “Balancing Progressive Advertising”. It showed Papa John’s pizza with plot theories and said to the announcer, “Stop with your Q-phone today.”

“Wait, is that a pizza ad?” Said Thompson’s Brown.

The pre-game show ended after Eddie Bryant played with two coaches in the Super Bowl, Andy Reid and Bruce Arians, and the announcers made the final predictions for the big game on Sunday.

Former coach Bill Coher, played by Alex Moffat, predicts that “at the end of the game, Covid will address the Florida crowd and thank them for the incredible opportunity.”

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The show’s signature is “Live … from New York! It’s Saturday night” the band said.

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