Woman buys iPhone 12 Pro Max and gets broken tile in UK

Woman buys iPhone 12 Pro Max and gets broken tile in UK

When it comes to Apple’s smartphone, surprising transactions like the Brit that iPhone SE received after ordering Apple in the supermarket are quickly remembered. But another resident of the UK is not so lucky, and his story is more about the woman who got the Apple drink instead of the iPhone 12 Pro Max he bought.

British Olivia Parkinson also bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max. This purchase was made through the Virgin Media Store and presented by Cader Yodel. However, there was an unpleasant surprise for consumers when they opened the package. Instead of a cell phone, he received a broken tile.

To make matters worse, the Virgin Media Store said that Parkinson should accept the costs of the smartphone, indicating that consumers are trying to deceive them. The company confirmed that it had conducted an investigation into the case and that “it was sealed in the original packaging when this package was issued”.

At one point during the delivery route, the iPhone was replaced by a tile received by a British woman. In an interview with the Cult of Mac portal, Parkinson said he believes the package was completely closed when it arrived at the warehouse, so it is speculated that the exchange took place “before Virgin Media reached or inside the warehouse”.

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Eventually, a Virgin Media spokesman concluded that Parkinson was a victim of fraud. The outstanding amount was canceled and the British woman withdrew the money she had already spent to buy the smartphone.

Do you know anyone who has ever faced a situation like this?

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