UK cases explode even with 51% of vaccinated population – international

UK cases explode even with 51% of vaccinated population - international
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who attended the end of the European Cup, calls on the people to take care (Photo: Frank Austin / AFP)

One of the countries vaccinated against Coronavirus The most advanced, the United Kingdom attracted world attention after registering 46,000 cases and more than 500 additions in 24 hours. Since the onset of the epidemic, Europeans have reached more than 5.2 million Infected And 129 thousand deaths, 51% of the population at one time Immunization It is over, the country is gradually returning to normal life.

Recently, The Planet Two major sporting events held by England, the end of the Euro Cup between Italy and the home team, and the tennis match at Wimbledon, when Serbian Novak Djokovic defeated Italian Matteo Beretini. In both, the scenes Turmoil Inside and out Environment Except for the game, which ignores the mandatory use mscaras. On the streets of London, fans flocked to parks, squares and various pubs, starring in films that exemplified others. Slips.

The English government is asking people to take care of themselves again to avoid a new scene Terrifying Caused by disease. Officials are already imagining that there will be one Increase Cases, which can reach 100,000 per day because there are restrictions Suspended.

Novak Djokovic p
Novak Djokovic walked past the crowd after winning the Wimbledon title (Photo: / AFP / Adrian Tennis)

Despite this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues Plano Ends next Monday (19/7) Disabling The success of the vaccine campaign was imposed in January in the UK on the assumption that it would offset the progression of the virus.

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“European countries are subject to new entry Types, Among them Delta, Indian. And it has already been proven that this variant is a Ability An area to avoid an immune response to a vaccine or a previous infection, ”said Flavio Guimaraes da Fonseca, a researcher who is the coordinator of the Center for Vaccine Technology (CD Vacinas) and a member of the viral network. Created By the Central Government against COVID-19.

“It simply came to our notice then Dividas In Brazil, even being Vaccine, The person is still infected: Vaccines have an important place to prevent cases Graves e Bits. But most vaccines are not 100% effective and most people will be infected even if they are vaccinated. But it will not develop doena Serious. When you have an increase in exposure in the vaccinated population, it is natural that there will be an increase in accumulations or people without a mask will be more likely to be infected by this opening.

It’s the fans
Italy and England fans watch the European Cup final at Wembley Stadium (Photo: AFP / POOL / FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA)


To Infectious disease Adelino de Melo Freer Jr. of Felcio Roxo Hospital is concerned because new strains are already in Brazil: “Not so much Predict With any vaccination rate we are going to return to normal or stop using masks. Of course, this is important, but we need to think about how the vaccine will affect the number of victims. We are waiting Reduo Pat rate, which is the most important point in history. The entry of new variants, which are highly contagious, is one of the signs of an increase in incidence. This variant came to Brazil. We are scared Increase The number of our cases ”.

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“In the Euro Cup, they needed a vaccine test or proof with two doses, which is a fair strategy. Any of these Flexibility, I want to keep track of the results well. It’s definitely a lesson that if events are blamed for an increase, it should not happen again, ”says the doctor.

In the World Health Organization (WHO), Emergency Director Mike Ryan, said countries need to act aggressively Warning When reopening their storage after the required restrictions due to “do not lose the profits they received” due to COVID. This warning will be useful for Brazil, which erupted in cases between November and March, precisely due to the relaxation Activities.

As for Flavio Guimaraes, you need to know how to behave while in Brazil Increase The population is vaccinated against infection.

“Since the beginning of the epidemic, our country has been in a state of disarray Of late Chronologically related to European countries. We will never learn from what happened there. We are now moving towards an opening as long as there is vaccine acceleration, but on a proportional basis as in the UK it will not be affected. It is natural for the community to plan for gradual easing as the number of cases decreases. But we need to learn from what is happening in the UK and understand that there are a large number of cases when there is a population Vaccine. But we must be prepared to face an increase in cases during the flexibility process, ”he says.

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