With news of the car in Imola, Red Bull seeks to abandon the abandoned ones

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LONDON, United Kingdom (UOL-FOLHAPRESS) – Ferrari’s champion Max Verstappen, the sixth-ranked champion in the Charles.Leglerk Championship, advanced to the fourth round of the Red Bull Championship under pressure due to two breaks due to different fuel system problems. . So far, Scuderia has shown a fast, versatile and reliable car, and although the Red Bull competes in terms of speed at the level of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the meaning of the break is that the team is only in third place. , Behind the Mercedes, this time, is the car 1s slower than the hands.

For the Emilia Romagna race, Red Bull brings the news, and parts continue to arrive at the Imola circuit on Thursday afternoon. The Red Bull also wants to stay away from breaks, as changing the car faster and lighter and one of the problems the team faces is being overweight.

Verstappen and Perez in Bahrain and the reasons for the Dutch retiring again in Australia are different. The system was unable to absorb it because the tank was almost empty when the car did not test low fuel in the car prior to the first two events and did not realize that the tank configuration had to be different. Fuel.

In Australia, there was a quality control problem with a pipe that loosened and leaked fuel, causing a small fire. Christian Horner, the team’s chief, said the team suspected the car’s bumps on the asphalt might have caused the failure, but this was rejected by Honda, which now manufactures and operates engines bearing the name of the Red Bull Powertrains.

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On the one hand, the good news is that problems are easy to solve and have nothing to do with the power unit, and its development has been stalled. Modifications can be made by stating reliability issues, but this is a process that can take time. On the other hand, the Leclerc already has 46 points, and in addition to the consistency of the Monegasque driver, since the pre-season, Ferrari has reliability as one of its best qualities this year.

In terms of car performance, the Red Bull was in debt in Australia after competing with Ferrari in the first two races. The team believes that it did not exactly anticipate the evolution of the asphalt and, therefore, ended up in a car with a lot of front tires rubbed off.

The Imola route is similar to Melbourne, but weather conditions may not be different. It is likely to rain on Friday due to the cold in Imola.

This is Leklerk’s concern. “It’s important to have a good foundation for success. We’re doing a lot of work on the simulator. It’s going to rain.

The difference is that Ferrari chose not to replace the car with this GPU. At Red Bull, Mercedes, etc., the work will be doubled. To test new features and set up the car over the weekend, they will probably get free training in the rain. This is because the Emilia Romagna GB will have a sprint to define the starting point, then qualify on Friday to define the stage for the sprint, and the cars will not be able to change them as they enter the qualifying lane. In a closed park regime.

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It would be profitable to perform better in Imola: now, with eight points for the winner, Sprint offers more points, so they can get up to 34 points this weekend. That’s the difference between Leclerc and George Russell, the runner – up in the championship.

The classification for the sprint will be this Friday, at 12:00 Brasilia time. Saturday Sprint starts at 11:30 a.m. and Emilia Romagna GB starts at 10 a.m. Sunday.

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